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  • Global entertainment and media outlook 2014 - 2018
  • Banking Banana Skins 2014: Inching towards recovery
  • Changes to Financial Reporting requirements for SMEs
  • New Zealand insights from our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey
  • Addressing the talent challenge
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Addressing the talent challenge

Changes in demographics and the nature of work have made it harder than ever to find and keep the right people - and business leaders are balancing this imperative with cost containment. How are businesses addressing this talent challenge? They’re thinking more strategically about getting the talent pipeline right, focusing more on getting the right information about their workforce and investing more in their people. They’re also doing more to empower staff and improve organisational agility. And importantly, companies are rebuilding trust with society – starting from within, with their employees.


From risk resilience to resilient growth

Resilient organisations recognise that how they respond to uncertainty is as important as how they control it. In an environment where change is constant and where businesses must take greater risks to achieve the same rewards as in the past, the challenge is to become much more agile and adaptable – and indeed, to turn uncertainty into an opportunity. To do this, leading companies are improving their responsiveness through organisational design and management, and looking beyond the enterprise to improve systemic resilience.


Collaborating for shared success

In a super-connected world, the speed and scale of disruptive change is happening at an unprecedented level. More collaboration between more stakeholders can help not only to weather tough times, but to find opportunity and thrive in uncertainty. Trust is essential for creating and strengthening the relationships that build stronger institutions, businesses and societies.


Global entertainment and media outlook 2014 - 2018

All signs point to digital for New Zealand's entertainment and media industry

It’s digital to the rescue. More dollars from digital consumer and advertising revenues are forecast to offset a declining spend on traditional entertainment and media content.

Partner and digital change specialist Paul Brabin says, "The figures speak for themselves: the digital journey is over and we're now in the age of the digital normal. New Zealanders no longer think about whether content is digital or not and neither should entertainment and media businesses. The world has changed, and New Zealand businesses need to move faster with it and figure out how to make more money from consumers and advertisers."


New Zealand insights from our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey

Bruce Hassall, CEO of PwC New Zealand, introduces key findings from our survey of New Zealand CEOs.


Changes to Financial Reporting requirements for SMEs

New tax laws for financial reporting have come into effect from 1 April 2014.

Click play to find out what this could mean for you and your business.


Banking Banana Skins 2014: Inching towards recovery

What risks do Australasia's banks face in the current climate and how are they prioritising them?

Based on responses from more than 650 bankers worldwide – including 16 from Australia and New Zealand – we warn new banking regulations introduced since the global financial crisis, and the accompanying global political backlash against banks, could damage the banking industry and hold back economic recovery.

Download the Banking Banana Skins 2014 report