Corporate governance

In the wake of global corporate collapses, public policy debate remains intense on business issues, corporate governance and the integrity of capital markets PwC has developed the following information on corporate governance to help cut through the noise, clarify the issues and refocus on fundamentals.


2013 State of the internal audit profession study

Reaching greater heights: Are you prepared for the journey?

This year, over 1,700 executives participating in the 9th annual PwC State of the Internal Audit Profession Study agreed there is an opportunity for internal audit to reach new heights and contribute to the organisation in a more meaningful way.


Director's responsibilities: How audit committee members add value

Audit Committee Guide

In the wake of recent corporate reporting failures stakeholders, the investor community and the regulator are sharpening their focus on director’s responsibilities and how effectively these responsibilities are discharged. The PwC Audit Committee Guide is designed to help audit committee members work through the maze of director’s responsibilities.


Internal Audit takes on emerging technologies

The growing use of social media, mobile devices and cloud computing has introduced a higher threat of IT security breaches, misuse of customer data, and reputational damage. In this paper we look at the threats and opportunities of emerging technologies: Cloud computing; Cyber security; Social media; Computer usage; Smart devices.