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Tailored treasury and debt advice


Financial risk management is state of the art quantitative and qualitative analysis, combined with some of the oldest tools in business – experience, judgment and common sense.


Our services

PwC provides tailored advice on financial risk, hedging solutions and corporate treasury management to organisations with the following business activities:

  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Borrowers
  • Fixed interest investors
  • Asset and liability managers
  • Commodity buyers/sellers



How can we help?

Financial risk advisory projects

The reasons why organisations engage PwC to design and review financial risk and treasury management policies include:

  • Material change in activities and/or assets/liabilities
  • Financial stress or under-performance due to non-recognition or non-management of financial risks in the past
  • Unacceptable volatility of financial performance for stakeholders
  • Changes in ownership or owners representatives (the Board of Directors)
  • New company requiring rigorous financial policies
  • A challenge to the status-quo methods of managing financial risks by new management/directors
  • Corporate health-check and compliance to governance rules/guidelines
  • Treasury/Risk Management policy required to be externally reviewed


Ongoing risk management advice

The reasons why organisations retain PwC to provide independent and strategic ongoing financial risk management advice include:

  • The organisation is not justified in directly employing an experienced Treasurer in-house, therefore effectively outsources the expertise/knowledge
  • Interpretation and dissemination of information, trends and developments in global financial/commodity markets
  • Proactive advice and guidance on market implications for the client’s own risk position and performance
  • Specific hedging recommendations and risk profiling strategies within policy parameters
  • Discipline and forums for making decisions in advance of market movements
  • Reassurance and support to the client’s management to act
  • Entry tactics to changes in hedging levels
  • Continuity and consistency in hedging programmes
  • Impartial check on pricing, financial instruments and financing alternatives
  • Efficient operations of the treasury function


Debt advisory services

The reasons why organisations appoint PwC to provide independent and ‘behind the scenes’ debt management advice include:

  • The borrower has no, or limited, experience in debt raising/refinancing/restructuring
  • The provision of independent and external advice on the borrower’s long-term strategic debt path
  • Identification of, and information on appropriate and alternative borrowing sources
  • Practical evaluation and assessment of what pricing and lender demand the borrower can command in the marketplace
  • Introduction of new lender groups
  • Strategy and tactics of conducting tenders from lenders/debt issue arrangers
  • Accurate evaluation of lender’s proposals
  • Benchmarking pricing/terms to peer borrowers
  • Backroom assistance to negotiations
  • Comfort and reassurance to the Board of Directors that all options havebeen considered
  • Advice on documentation/security


Commodity risk management

We understand that every business has its own unique challenges. PwC has a team of global experts dealing with commodity risk management issues in relation to commodities such as agriculture, oil and gas, electricity, metals and carbon. We offer a variety of specialist services to help support your priorities, including:

  • Risk identification, risk measurement and analytics
  • Development of clear objectives for commodity risk management and trading that is aligned with risk capacity and appetite
  • Development of clear policies and strategies for commodity trading and risk management
  • Re-alignment of policies and strategies with market changes and new developments
  • Design and implementation of organisation, processes, and internal controls
  • Improving effectiveness and efficiency of trading execution
  • Support management in design of governance and control framework
  • Support internal audit of trading activities
  • Training for management, internal audit, and other employees



The relationship between PwC as advisor and our clients


We have a number of market reports and publications designed to provide a summary and overview of key drivers and issues to be aware of for New Zealand organisations. Browse and download our reports and publications to help gain insights on the key trends, developments, and insights in treasury management practices.

Market reports

The following reports are historical examples. New reports are published on a weekly and fortnightly basis with up to date commentary and recommendations. These are available to clients.

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