Annabell Chartres

Annabell Chartres

Executive Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Leader, PwC New Zealand

As National Sustainability and Climate Change Leader at PwC New Zealand, Annabell is driven by finding innovative business solutions to address sustainability and climate change concerns. She is focused on supporting public and private sector organisations to incorporate a sustainability lens into their business strategies, and consider and respond to the implications of climate change.

Annabell brings more than 20 years’ experience in corporate and business strategy development, operating model design and organisational transformation across a range of industries and geographies. She has a deep understanding of the interaction between the corporate, technical and functional units of an organisation, and has extensive experience in supporting clients to solve problems and deliver innovative outcomes during times of significant organisational changes and disruption.

Previously Annabell was PwC China’s clean tech sector specialist, and she brought a deep understanding of drivers for commericalisation of clean tech solutions, particularly renewable energy. She has also contributed to international journals and publications on clean technology and is a Trustee of the New Zealand chapter of The Hunger Project, an international charity focused on empowering communities across Africa and Asia, to end hunger and poverty.



  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Clean tech solutions and renewable energy
  • Operating model design and organisational transformation
  • Corporate and business strategy development
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) framework