Jonathan Skilton

Jonathan Skilton

Partner, Sustainability Reporting & Assurance Leader, PwC New Zealand

Jonathan is an Assurance Partner and leads the Sustainability Reporting and Assurance practice for PwC New Zealand. 

In his 18 years as a Partner with PwC, Jonathan has specialised in auditing and advising a diverse range of public and private companies across a wide range of sectors. His knowledge of various reporting requirements and regulatory environments enables him to offer insights on reporting requirements and expectations. 

He has significant experience in streamlining external reporting across a variety of frameworks to focus on the presentation of what is material and of value  to stakeholders.

Jonathan also assists organisations in the evaluation of the reliability and robustness of underlying systems and processes used to generate the relevant metrics and targets, and ultimately provide the requisite external assurance where required. 

Contact details

Tel: +64 21 355 879



  • Providing assurance to companies with global operations
  • Specific expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, again with a global scope
  • Sustainability & Reporting Assurance, including GHG emissions
  • Licensed auditor in New Zealand and Australia
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