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Businesses in New Zealand are under countless pressures. You need the right strategy and structure as well as talent and technology to succeed.

So does your business have the right strategy for sustainable growth? To help businesses succeed, we’ve developed a new strategy model called Fit for Growth. We’ve had experience helping companies to become more agile, and gain a competitive advantage. It’s not just about cost-cutting – we’ve been helping to identify where to invest wisely.

Top talent is obviously a key area of investment. Businesses are on the hunt for STEM skills like never before. Why are these skills so in demand? The growth of digital businesses is a key contributor, but non-digital businesses have also found that people from STEM backgrounds bring innovative thinking to help organisations transform and grow.

Another important area of investment is technology. Are your people enabled by technology, or are your legacy systems holding them back?

More than three-quarters (76%) of all respondents to PwC’s recent Digital IQ Survey say they expect to grow revenue from digital technology. Automation is an excellent example of this – through technology investment in automation there’s huge opportunity to take away from administrative or manual tasks and put it back into more value added areas.

Automation lies at the heart of many of the ‘Essential Eight’ technologies (AI, Blockchain, Robots, Drones, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things). They’re becoming more relevant each year, and capturing their value is now a priority.

For more ideas on how strategy, innovation, talent and technology can help you succeed, read this edition of AddingValue.


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