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PwC collaborates with Microsoft delivering Cloud Security Operations Centre

17 May 2022

As part of its ongoing alliance with Microsoft, PwC New Zealand is delighted to unveil its Cloud Security Operations Center with the full Microsoft technology stack.

Craig Maskell, Cyber Consulting Partner PwC New Zealand, says it is critical for NZ Security Operations Centres to leverage automation to significantly improve attack detection and containment, whilst reducing reliance on large operations teams when there is a shortage of expertise in the market.

“By providing a fully transparent service based on a client’s digital estate and operational model we also enable them to build capability. PwC supports our clients to adopt and build their own intellectual property using our local and global body of knowledge,” he says. 

“Microsoft and PwC’s capabilities are aligned to help organisations successfully respond and adapt to the major shifts shaping the world. We know that security and information protection are among the key risks facing businesses today and we’re working together to keep our clients safe, and to help them think about appropriate governance and security measures they need in place to protect against threats.”

Tracy Taylor, Consulting Markets & Alliances Lead Partner, says that elevated threats and regulatory scrutiny mean cybersecurity has never been a higher priority for organisations in Aotearoa.  

“Our latest collaboration combines PwC’s deep industry expertise with Microsoft’s cloud technology and this empowers businesses to confidently prepare for increasingly complex and unexpected risks.” 

Vanessa Sorenson, Managing Director Microsoft NZ, says the strength of the Alliance partnership with PwC is helping shape stronger, more successful and resilient organisations in Aotearoa.

“The tremendous pace of digitisation has enabled businesses to benefit from huge efficiencies, flexibility and new income streams. However, more digital channels also mean greater exposure to cyber threats, which New Zealand businesses are encountering in higher numbers than ever before. They need to have the confidence to explore more technologies like public cloud, AI and machine learning to drive innovation, which is why this move by PwC is so important. Cyber security isn’t a cost of doing business, but an enabler of growth, and we’re delighted to see PwC making this investment in New Zealand business,” she says.

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