Create capacity and improve your team's performance within 12 weeks

We see a lot of companies pull traditional levers to drive operational excellence, such as: process changes, lean/six sigma thinking, operating model redesign or technology projects. These approaches deliver varied results, and can take a significant amount of time and investment to implement and realise the benefits. A people focused approach is often what is missing.

Our experience is that by investing in people through Perform, we can help your organisation solve challenges and deliver results in the fastest most effective and sustainable way, while improving both performance and customer outcomes. There is no dependence on technology, process or system change to realise the benefits that Perform offers.

PwC’s Perform programme is a people-focused management system that changes behaviour through the deployment and embedding of 10 core operational elements. These elements are deployed through incremental weekly sprints and embedded into team culture as we go.

What makes Perform unique and successful is not what the product is but how it is deployed. Our experienced practitioners spend each day coaching individuals in the underlying principles to ensure that the new way of working becomes business-as-usual (BAU) and that the benefits are sustainable. Each element is deployed by working alongside the team and our experience shows this coaching, training and support drives capability uplift and behavioural change in a far more effective way than any other solution in the market. It is a tried and tested, award-winning approach that delivers benefits through both behavioural change and process improvement.

Within 12 weeks, Perform releases capacity of between 20-30%, while also increasing staff engagement. This is done through building manager and team capability and providing them with the right tools and techniques to run an effective operation. This approach is transferable across sectors and industries, and presents greatest opportunities in functions with semi-repetitive tasks.

Typical results achieved in previous Perform engagements include:

Perform implements change with the client, not to them, and embeds a continuous improvement culture within your organisation that is focused on performance and becomes a new way of working. This means you will continue to see results long after the program ends.

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By challenging the typical way of working, our clients from a wide range of industries (including Financial Services, Government, Health, Energy, Utilities, Retail and Consumer) have seen significant benefits. 


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Improve operation and financial performance, whilst delivering quality care.

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Retail bank

Maintaining customer service levels whilst removing cost.

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Utilities company

Improve debt collection whilst reducing cost-to-serve.

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