Forensic technology solutions

PwC’s Forensic technology solutions team assists in investigating and discovering electronic data that provides evidence of corporate fraud and financial crime.

Empowering complex forensic investigations and discovery through tech

The amount of data the world creates is expected to continue doubling every two years. As well as being a huge business advantage, it also means that the electronic environment is generating massive amounts of information that companies, both large and small, can quickly lose track of. 

When investigating corporate fraud or complying with an electronic discovery order, it’s important that an urgent and ordered approach is taken. Applying the right forensic technology solutions helps by providing a smart, effective approach to investigating and discovering evidence or other information crucial to such a dispute.

The process often includes the identification, preservation, copying, examination, reporting and delivery of expert witness services relating to electronic evidence. It’s critically important, but also a highly complex, time-consuming and potentially disruptive activity. All the while, the need for completeness and accuracy of discovery is creating a burden and strain on companies that have limited resources. Even with technology tools on hand, it’s no simple task, while the consequences of getting an investigation wrong can be significant.


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How PwC can help

PwC’s Forensic Technology Solutions team assists with securing electronic data and maintaining quality to ensure it’s acceptable evidence for admission in court. Our team has extensive experience both in law enforcement and the private sector, and uses dedicated forensic technology laboratories in New Zealand and throughout the PwC network of firms worldwide to offer the latest technology that best serves local businesses.

To aid electronic investigation and discovery, our services include:

  • investigating court-level forensic preservation of electronic evidence, breach of employment duties, or cyber crime
  • creating end-to-end electronic discovery solutions for engagements that require large-scale data processing and sophisticated review hosting
  • developing solutions to drive complex, real-time investigations that integrate computer forensics, forensic accounting, business intelligence and on-the-ground investigations
  • the forensically sound collection of data from both local and global sources
  • performing computer forensics analysis, including forensic imaging of electronic media, deletion trend analysis, recovery of deleted files and other forensic analyses
  • performing keyword formulation, data filtering and review strategy consulting
  • providing affidavits and expert reports for work carried out.
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