Cyber Incident Response

Addressing the realities of Cybercrime: how should you prepare, respond and recover?

PwC’s multi-disciplinary team of incident-response specialists can help you to protect against and resolve various cyber incidents, privacy and data breaches.

How can we help you prepare for cyber security incidents?

Because a security incident can operate largely unseen, organisations may never even realise they are being targeted until long after the damage is done. They can, however, take a forensic approach to incident response, which is quick, strategic and more defensible against adverse brand, reputational, legal and regulatory consequences.

As one of the few firms providing comprehensive end-to-end incident response services globally, our market-leading cyber incident response practice is well positioned to advise organisations who are preparing for, responding to and learning from cyber security incidents in order to minimise business impact and residual risk.

When responding to incidents, we bring business experience alongside cutting edge technology and security advice.

We help organisations rapidly resolve technical aspects of breaches, but distinguish ourselves from the competition by guiding them through the wider business risk, legal, regulatory and reputational challenges.

What questions should you be asking?

In 2018, CEOs cited cyber-attacks are posing the greatest threat to their growth targets, confirming that cyber is not just an issue which concerns the IT team. (Source: The New Zealand CEO Survey 2018).

Many people and departments have a role to play in ensuring that your organisation is able to effectively respond to cyber security incidents. This includes board level stakeholders such as the CEO, CIO, and CTO; key IT leaders such as the head of IT, head of IT security, and head of IT operations; and others such as legal, internal audit, and risk.

  • Where’s my data and what’s my exposure?
  • Who has access?
  • Have I been breached & what do I do?
  • How do I know?

Does your organisation have a fully operational cyber incident response plan that is tested regularly via simulated table-top exercises?

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Forensics and Incident Response service providers, Q3 2017

How PwC can help

PwC is globally positioned to help organisations prepare, respond and recover from cyber security incidents. We can provide rapid and on-demand access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

We often start by helping to identify the source, location and nature of the incident, assess the business risk and customer impact or remediate vulnerabilities to minimise future occurrences. What sets us apart is our ability to combine technical skills and business strategies to protect your brand value.

Our depth of experience, wide range of skill sets, and business experience sets us apart from the competition. We can help your company regain confidence in your security after an incident.

You should contact our incident response team immediately if any of the following have occurred or have concerns about:

  • Espionage
  • Ransomware
  • Advanced persistent threat (APT)
  • Network intrusions
  • Malware outbreaks
  • Unauthorised access
  • Social engineering
  • Theft of confidential information
  • Inadvertent data loss
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