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We equip our clients with insights and intelligence about who they are doing business with, both in New Zealand and overseas.

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Business relationships carry risk

Most businesses cannot operate alone. They require third parties such as suppliers, distributors, business partners and investors. In an increasingly global marketplace, these third parties are just as likely to be overseas as they are domestic. However, these relationships expose businesses to financial, reputational, regulatory and legal risks that can be hugely detrimental if not managed correctly. 

Understanding with whom you are doing business is a crucial step in mitigating these risks. For example, would you want to know if there are allegations of bribery against your potential distributor, or if your proposed investor has a criminal history? Would you be concerned if your potential supplier had previously been declared bankrupt?

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How PwC can help

Our experienced team understands the risks to your business. We can help by obtaining and analysing publicly available information about your third parties and informing you in advance of the “red flags” of which you should be aware.  

With the ability to tap into our extensive global network and expertise, as well as a wealth of public record sources and, where appropriate, discreet source enquiries, we can help wherever you are doing business. In particular, we understand that Asian companies are crucial business partners for many of our clients and we have a dedicated team of due diligence specialists with specific language capabilities, local knowledge and experience of all of the major Asian markets. 


Information we are able to obtain about third parties varies per country, but may include:  
  • Company information: including incorporation details, director and shareholder details, previous company names;
  • Business history and reputation: including their existing clients, reported success of previous projects, reputation in the industry; 
  • Information about key individuals, such as the company's directors and shareholders: including other directorships and shareholdings, current and previous business associates, reputation in the industry; 
  • Information about current or previous insolvencies, litigation, government and political connections; 
  • Information about publicly reported unethical or illegal behaviour; 
  • Criminal and credit checks; and 
  • Asset ownership: including property and vehicle information.
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