Shareholder and Director disputes

PwC’s Shareholder and Director dispute services team uses a forensics approach to help resolve issues and disagreements between shareholders and joint-venture partners.

A forensics approach to solving business disputes

In New Zealand and around the world, we’re seeing a growing number of instances where executive and non-executive directors, also being business and/or investment partners, have disagreements about a business matters. Typically, the disagreement might be around remuneration, levels of respective drawings, or the financial management or the accounting of an organisation.

Disputes at the top can often be extremely damaging for the business or enterprise as a whole, which is why an experienced voice from outside of the relationship can be beneficial. Acting with impartiality and on the side of the organisation, not individuals, a reasoned mediator can solve shareholder/director disputes before they become too harmful and disruptive.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Shareholder and Director dispute services team helps to resolve such issues between shareholders and joint venture partners.

As part of our Forensic Services team, we take an approach that looks at the finer detail and context behind a dispute as we collect information and seek pragmatic solutions that either party sometimes haven’t considered. Our investigations can quantify the total benefits taken by respective partners, recreate financial records where required, untangle complex financial entities and transactions, and identify issues such as mismanagement, fraud or negligence.

We are able to provide assistance to one of the parties or to act as independent experts, being appointed jointly by both sides to resolve the issues without the need or costs of two sets of accountants.

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