China business services

China Business Services

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The growth of trade and investment between China and New Zealand means new opportunities are plentiful. Our China business team has the networks, expertise and sustainable solutions to help identify, develop and manage future opportunities.

We understand the Chinese culture, have strong Chinese language capabilities and will share our technical expertise and knowledge with you to ensure you and your business succeed.

We’re the largest professional services and advisory firm in both China and New Zealand. We look forward to working with you and your business to identify your next opportunity.

Inbound services


Supporting Chinese businesses
entry into the NZ market

Are you a Chinese business looking to set up or grow in the New Zealand market?

Our China business experts can provide a complete package to support your entry into the NZ market.

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Outbound services


Helping NZ business
in the China market

Are you a NZ business operating in China or wanting to enter the China market?

Our team understands the Chinese culture, language and how the market works to help you grow your business in China.

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