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How have consumer behaviours changed since COVID-19?

Knowing your customer and what they want is critical to business success. In these uncertain times, it has never been more important to gauge how people have changed their thinking and behaviours, and plan accordingly.

With this in mind, PwC has conducted two comparative surveys that show how New Zealand consumers were feeling and behaving after the first lockdown – during a period of relative stability – versus the shock of returning to lockdown when COVID-19 reappeared in communities.

In our new report, we analyse the survey results, which show that:

  • consumers have changed their purchasing habits towards online
  • consumers are planning to moderate their spending for up to the next five years
  • contact fear is real and very responsive to media, particularly in larger cities
  • while there remains widespread support for the Government’s lockdown measures, public tolerance is starting to wane.

Understanding where changes in consumer behaviour are temporary versus entrenched, and the relative strength of these changes, allows for greater business confidence in decision making.


How PwC can help

Our team of specialists can work with you to develop a tailored approach to respond to the changes in consumer and employee behaviours and assess the impact to your business of channel choice, supply chain options, location optimisation and changing customer experience expectations.




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