Digital skills shortfall in New Zealand

More than half (56%) of New Zealand’s business leaders are struggling to access digital talent, according to PwC New Zealand’s 2018 CEO Survey. Availability of key skills is second only to cybersecurity in posing risk to business growth locally.

Mark Averill, CEO and Senior Partner at PwC New Zealand says: “CEOs here are looking for the right skills to realise their transformation plans. Data scientists, software developers and programmers are all in high demand, and all departments of a large organisation require these skills.”


Taking New Zealand digital

CEO respondents point not only to the shortfall in digital skills in their own organisations, but also to a lack of digitisation and skilled digital workers nationwide. On par with Australian CEOs, nearly two-thirds (61%) of New Zealand CEOs responded with concern regarding the country’s understanding and execution of digital skills.

Mark says that a number of business areas are struggling to attract digitally skilled workers, and coupled with high employment rates, that’s affecting the size of the talent pool.

“This is a real opportunity for employers and universities to partner and work more closely – we all want to see New Zealand businesses accessing the skills they need.”


How companies are responding

Employee experience is becoming the key for companies that are looking to differentiate themselves, according to PwC’s research. Four out of five CEOs (83%) reported they are implementing new ways of working to attract the staff they need, while 56 per cent are partnering with universities in order to help them develop the staff they need.

“As a small country, we all benefit from working together to build talent which will give local businesses competitive advantage,” says Mark.

“That means partnering with universities, fintech start-ups and incubators to rethink the way we work – to ensure that our people are passionate about their roles and to power our economy forward.”

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