PwC New Zealand gives secure Generative AI tool - ChatPwC - to all staff nationwide

7 March 2024

PwC New Zealand has given over 1,800 partners and staff access to a custom-built virtual assistant called ChatPwC. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, this new Generative AI tool aims to empower our people to focus on higher-value tasks, and access information quickly and efficiently. 

ChatPwC is an intelligent assistant that uses Generative AI to respond to text-based questions within a secure PwC environment. It’s capable of engaging in diverse and natural language conversations on a range of topics.

Scott McLiver, Asia Pacific Leader in Generative AI and PwC New Zealand Partner, says,

“Since November, our early adopter group of 500 people have been using ChatPwC, helping us gain valuable insights into how we can effectively leverage this tool in our day to day work.  We are thrilled to begin the firmwide rollout of ChatPwC, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to equip our people with the best technology possible, all while maintaining robust data security.”

Using OpenAI GPT and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, the enterprise-level ChatGPT AI solution ensures that PwC client and company data is protected by stringent security and privacy measures behind a firewall. Client data is never reused or stored, and all information remains confidential.

“We are actively exploring the responsible use of Generative AI and its potential applications in our service delivery to clients. As with any new tool, it will take time for us to determine the best ways to utilise it and maximise the benefits for ourselves, our teams, and our clients,” explains McLiver. 

Across the global PwC network PwC New Zealand is the first member firm in Asia Pacific and only the fifth worldwide to integrate this sophisticated AI technology into its wider workplace tools.

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