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Intelligent Digital

We balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight. #intelligentdigital

See beyond the obvious

We have to reimagine the possible to stay ahead, but to survive and thrive in the digital revolution, we must balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.

Whoever you are, whatever your business, it’s time to see beyond the obvious. To imagine your tomorrow and make it happen. By solving problems, meeting human needs and making a difference to society.

We won’t do that through technology alone. We can do it through Intelligent Digital.



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How we helped Auckland Transport

Technology moves fast. But the desire for connection, confidence and independence are timeless human needs.

At PwC, we draw on the capabilities of Intelligent Digital, collaborating and experimenting at a grassroots level to understand the lived experience and day-to-day obstacles facing the people we serve.

For Auckland Transport, we joined forces with the blind community to co-create a more accessible bus experience.

Our solutions included concise on-board audio announcements to keep people updated about where they are on their journey, and live bus location updates via the contact centre to help people know which bus is approaching and when to flag their bus. This simple, inventive approach will make public transport more inclusive and accessible — paving the way for a fairer future.

It will empower blind and low-vision people to connect with the community, experience greater autonomy and reap the rewards of a better quality of life.


How we helped Southern Cross Health Society

The world is changing. In these fast-paced times, holding onto outdated processes and technology can diminish the customer experience. It can also hurt a company’s biggest asset: their employees.

At PwC, we know that people are at their very best at work when they can be themselves. With the power of Intelligent Digital, we’re equipping companies with leading-edge technologies and business strategies that put employees front and centre.

For health insurer, Southern Cross Health Society, we’re collaboratively designing experiences that revolve around the moments that really matter to employees. By empowering individuals to design their future work life, PwC is also creating environments where employees are delivering great customer experiences.

Together, we’re re-imagining the workplace and setting the stage for the future, today.

Test your digital fitness

The PwC Digital Fitness Assessment app can help your business build a pathway to digital success by:

  • identifying areas of strength and where to improve
  • understanding the capabilities you need to succeed in the digital age
  • offering insight into what other leading businesses are doing to respond to digital transformation.

Together with your unique assessment, we can work with you to develop strategies for the digital age and drive digital transformation. 

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