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Environmental, Social and Governance reporting is a hot topic on the agenda of many Management Board teams. Businesses are now understanding that their environmental and social impact in the community – as well as their corporate governance structure and transparency – will become crucial elements for their long term sustainability and competitiveness.

But where can you start in assessing where you stand in terms of ESG compliance, norms and best practices? As an old saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.    

"How do we measure and manage ESG when there are no common standards? Where should we focus, when the list of potential issues is a mile long?”

Our solution

Most companies are in the early stages of their ESG journey. To support your transformation, we created a learning path.

From the basics, we collected all the todos and best practices that can help you in the strategic reinvention, reimagined reporting, and business transformation.

The ESG learning path:

  1. Introduction to ESG
  2. Sustainable Finance
  3. Net zero
  4. Corporate sustainability reporting and taxonomy
  5. Change management and corporate culture
  6. International diversity management

Introduction to ESG

  • Definition of ESG

  • Global trends

  • Global practice standards

  • ESG disclosure in the financial sector

  • ESG ratings

Sustainable finance

  • Sustainable Finance overview

  • ESG regulations for the Financial Institutions

  • ESG Risks for Financial Institutions

  • ESG reporting

Net zero

  • The climate challenge

  • Understanding net zero

  • Start your net zero journey

  • Steps and lessons to net zero activities

  • Key takeaways

Corporate sustainability reporting and taxonomy

  • EU Taxonomy 

  • Disclosure indicators

  • Integrated strategy

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Materiality analysis 

  • Report preparation and Assurance

Change management and corporate culture

  • Why managing change is important?

  • What tools can be used for a successful transformation?

  • What are the essentials of corporate culture?

International diversity management

  • What do we mean if we talk about diversity?

  • What does an inclusive workplace look like?

  • What value can diversity bring to an organisation?

  • How to build a diversity strategy?

  • Inclusive leadership

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