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MyTax Guides is an add-on to the PwC Academy subscription and is an online, easy to use and understand, practical reference tool for GST, FBT, PAYE and KiwiSaver matters. MyTax Guides are updated frequently to reflect current legislation and best practise, and are designed to be the first port of call for indirect tax questions within your organisation. 

Benefits of MyTax Guides: 

  • Comprehensive, providing indirect tax information in relation to GST, FBT, PAYE and KiwiSaver matters

  • Specifically tailored to indirect tax issues

  • Digitally enabled, easy to understand information on indirect tax readily available for when your team needs it

  • Relevant, up-to-date information that can be easily understood and used by anyone in the organisation

  • Economical, with one annual subscription regardless of the number of employees that use them

MyTax Guides has now moved to our PwC Academy platform, which will provide subscribers with access to the current guides, as well as, some additional new and exciting features.

There is also significantly discounted subscription pricing for additional PwC Academy subscriptions for any organisations that subscribe to MyTax Guides.

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"MyTax Guides is enabled to be customisable to suit the specific needs of your organisation". *Pricing on request

They are particularly suited to: 

Organisations with no in-house tax expertise to provide a tax risk policy framework, and support with common queries.

Organisations with in-house tax expertise looking for a low cost information source for common queries, particularly those from Human Resources and Accounts Payable and cost centre managers.

Any organisation wanting to make tax more accessible and relevant in the organisation as digital based tax guides make it easy for individuals within an organisation to use as a framework for tax risk management.

How does MyTax Guides work? 

MyTax Guides works on an annual subscription basis and the subscription is allocated to a primary user within the organisation. Once subscribed you will receive a login and password.


How do I subscribe? 

If you would like to arrange access to MyTax Guides, please contact Phil Fisher or Annabel Duncan. 

Phil Fisher

Partner, Financial Advisory Services, Wellington, PwC New Zealand


Annabel Duncan

Director, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 22 083 2805


Grace Hamilton

PwC Academy training coordinator, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 772 3725


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