Commercialising Innovation

A proactive guide to harnessing emerging technology


Innovation has been a hot topic in business for years now as companies look to stand out from the crowd and keep up with fast-moving start-ups in their industry.

For all the hype though, many companies are struggling to turn great ideas into commercially viable products and services. 

To understand this gap, we brought together our best thinking around commercialising innovation and emerging technology with our recent survey data on the New Zealand business landscape.

From that analysis, we saw six key features that companies need to embrace if they're going to successfully commercialise their innovation efforts. These are: 

  1. Integrating to innovate
  2. Evaluating emerging technologies
  3. Shifting thinking to outside-in
  4. Taking a partnership perspective
  5. Creating an IT culture that will support innovation
  6. Fostering a company culture that supports talent and innovation

We've also taken a closer look at how companies in New Zealand are currently evaluating emerging technologies and how they are bringing in outside perspectives with a greater focus on customer-centricity.



If you're wondering what to do next, you can also take part in our global innovation benchmarking service. 

This portal allows you to see how your innovation efforts compare to your counterparts. Once you've completed the 15 minute survey, we'll provide you with access to a personalised benchmarking report and a data platform where you can explore the findings from New Zealand and around the world.


What does it look like to commercialise innovation? 

On 6 July 2017, we hosted Dr Mark Sagar from Soul Machines and an expo of some of New Zealand's most innovative new products in the PwC Auckland office. We also saw a live demonstration of Mark Sagar's innovative products: Baby X and his latest generation of digital avatars. 

During our discussion with Dr Mark, we had a live sketch of the key themes and important takeaways that you can see here.

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