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10 years of Digital IQ

Our world is more digital than ever, but companies in New Zealand are still struggling with what this means for them. In this year's Digital IQ Survey, we've seen that there's a growing awareness and investment in digital, but we're still trailing in two key areas: human centred design and data and analytics.

It's a serious oversight, especially as combining these two can make a huge difference to a company's performance. Sitting behind these efforts has to be a broader digital strategy, one that is equal parts business, customer experience and technology.

As well as looking to the challenges they face now, companies have to be ready for the future. Yesterday's emerging technology (like data and analytics) is today's foundational skill. The next generation of breakthroughs – the Essential Eight that we tracked last year – are already making their presence known. Companies have to be getting comfortable with them now if they want to be ready for the next five years.

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A conversation with Dr Beth Altringer

In the week after our Digital IQ launch, PwC played host to Dr Beth Altringer, a researcher based at Harvard University whose work touches on many of the same themes as the survey – especially human centred design.

During her visit, she sat down with PwC Partner and Digital Services Leader Kris Nygren to discuss the state of digital in New Zealand and how companies can bring a human centred design approach to their product design, business model and decision-making process.


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Industry perspectives

Chief Commercial Officer at Chorus

''A digital strategy is a means to an end. But delivering an optimal customer experience is at the heart of what we are trying to do and where we can start to drive real success for the end customer and the industry.''

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Head of IS and Business Transformation at Southern Cross Health Society

''I think a lot of companies fall into the trap where they just digitise their current processes, and we’ve been guilty of that too in the past. But I think there’s a real opportunity with digital to challenge the way we operate and to reimagine our business.''

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CTO at Auckland Transport (AT)

''We’ve put artificial intelligence into our back-end operations, and we’re also using it in the front end to come up with predictions on things like traffic and weather.''

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