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Startup Investment New Zealand

The magazine for angel investors

Welcome to the new-look Startup Investment magazine.

PwC's now partnering with the New Zealand Angel Association and NZVIF to produce Startup Investment New Zealand, and it's an opportunity we're all excited about. We're aiming to develop the magazine into a one-stop shop for understanding how early-stage investment is tracking in New Zealand, with a few smart opinions on where it's heading next. 

We've led this new-look edition with an article on how our local startup ecosystem compares globally and the role of angel investors in taking it to the next level. Whenever I'm talking to startup founders, especially in the tech space, there's a real feeling that our startup ecosystem can  - and should  - compete with the best in the world. We've all got a role to play here, and it was certainly interesting to read Bridget Coates' take on how the sector has evolved and where it's going next. 

I hope you enjoy the new-look magazine. For us, this edition is our MVP (a "Minimum Viable Publication" if you will) and we'd love to hear from you where we should head after version 1.0. If you have any thoughts, please let us know. 

Anand Reddy

PwC Partner

Anand Reddy

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New Zealand's early stage company funding is growing fast! See which sectors benefitted the most in 2017 and where the big movements have been in our short video. You can also see the expanded findings at the link below.


What is a start up?

A company in development infancy which has a strong growth outlook both financially and in terms of innovation. Often a startup will be from a niche sector or deliver a bespoke product or service within an uncertain market.

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What is an Angel investor?

In return for ownership equity, these individuals or companies typically invest between $15k and $100k of seed funding in high growth startups, plus provide experience and networking opportunities.

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What is venture capital/growth capital?

Similar to risk capital, this financial investment by individuals or companies in startups is made with an expectation of higher returns – in return for greater risk. Seed funds are often managed by venture capitalists.

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Learn more about Angel Investment

See how early stage investors are supporting the New Zealand economy on the Angel Association website. The Angel Association has partnered with PwC New Zealand to produce Startup Investment Magazine and the Young Company Finance Index.

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