Enterprise resilience: Boosting your corporate immune system

Organisations are increasingly vulnerable as business becomes more complex, virtual and interdependent. Building and sustaining a resilient business is a commercial imperative and therefore, in a post-Covid-19 environment, what organisations do next, will matter most.

Your corporate immune system is what protects your business from illness – if it’s in good shape and something strikes, you are ready to respond. Organisations that enhance  their immune system are able to tackle challenges, fend off illness and bounce back more quickly. They also learn from incidents in order to prevent them from happening again.

The last decade has seen countless examples of businesses brought to their knees by a lack of foresight or poor management of a crises. ‘Black swan’ events have exposed the shortcomings of traditional risk management, putting resilience at the top of board agendas. Yet many are still not making the connection between resilience and  success. While it’s possible to survive in the short term, resilience is a fundamental pre-requisite for success over the longer term.

Successful enterprise resilience initiatives require an approach that’s broader than traditional business continuity planning or disaster recovery, and permeates through all areas of the business across People, Processes & Operations, Technology & Cyber, Physical Assets & Facilities and Financial Resilience – underpinned by strategy and an adaptive culture.

In a post Covid-19 world, it will become more important than ever that leaders have a clear answer to a fundamental question: “How can my organisation be better prepared, next time this happens?” Read our publication to find out more.


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