Asian markets

PwC speaks your language. Our team helps Asian businesses launch in New Zealand, and Kiwis enter fast-growing Asian regions – including China, India and Singapore.

Bridging the Asia-Pacific divide

Asia has seen an economic transformation of unprecedented speed and scale. It has lifted millions of people out of poverty, reshaped the regional and global economy, and improved the power and influence of countries across the region.

New Zealand is in a very fortunate position. Due to strong historical links to Europe and close cultural ties to the USA, New Zealand has been a "first world" economy throughout the 20th Century. Moving through the 21st Century, the global economic centre of gravity is moving to Asia, and New Zealand is again fortunate that we have the opportunity to benefit from the Asian Century.

All this means there are fantastic opportunities for both Asian and New Zealand parties when working together. As China continues to pull ahead as the largest economy by GDP (PPP), India is heading towards a tech-driven future, while Indonesia, Singapore and other Asian nations make their own unique mark. The time to be involved in this exciting new era is now.

How we can help

PwC New Zealand has a long and successful history of working in Asian markets, made possible through our language capabilities, relationships, networks, commercial and cultural understanding, and technical expertise. Regardless of complexity, we aim to get maximum value for our clients, whether they’re setting up in New Zealand or exploring opportunities in Asia.

Our Asian Markets team includes assurance, consulting, deals, legal and tax services – who help in everything from immigration, real estate advisory and transactions, and startup support – meaning we’re equipped to help you in very particular ways. Whether that involves an investment in Invercargill or managing a merger in Mumbai, we have the people and capacity to help.

Our networks and relationships in Asia (both as an individual firm and as part of the global PwC network) enable us to build valuable relationships anywhere in Asia Pacific, including high-growth regions like China, India and Singapore. Whether you’re a Kiwi or not, we speak your language. 

We can help you with:

  • Identifying investment, merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities in NZ and Asia
  • Deals negotiation and managing transaction progress
  • Understanding and analysing foreign markets
  • Managing foreign policy, laws and regulatory frameworks
  • Identifying appropriate partners and business models
  • Assistance in tax restructuring or set-up
  • Setting up business in Asian markets as a NZ organisation
  • Setting up business in New Zealand as an overseas organisation

Opportunities in:

China is the land of opportunity in the 21st Century, and the potential for Chinese and New Zealand organisations to work together is now too good to ignore.

As part of our inbound services, we support the entry of Chinese business or individual investors into the New Zealand market, forming strategies that take into account cultural and demographic differences, various legal and regulatory hurdles, and best ways to structure transactions and investments to maximise profitability.

Similarly, our outbound services department works closely with the team at PwC China to help New Zealand organisations analyse and understand the Chinese market, create new partnerships, build networks, identify opportunities, set up operations, manage compliance and structure for taxation.

As the largest professional services firm in both China and New Zealand, we have the means to help organisations from both countries reach their goals. 

Connect with one of our China Business specialists:

  • Wicki Huang, Partner and China Business Lead
  • Michael Tan, Director - Tax
  • Peggy Liao, Director - Deals
  • Wendy Wang, Director - Business Development
  • Beini Guo, Manager - Deals

India is a prime example of a breakout economy. With a large, technology-savvy population and a thriving workforce, the country boasts a wealth of possibilities for New Zealand businesses, while Indian investment in New Zealand continues to reap returns.

PwC’s inbound services team works with Indian organisations interested in the opportunities on offer in New Zealand. By providing assurance, tax, legal, consulting and deals services, we help Indian companies build partnerships on our shores, structure investments, negotiate mergers and acquisitions in New Zealand, manage tax and legal compliance, and ultimately provide a platform for expansion.

Meanwhile, our outbound services team has the local knowledge, language skills and technical expertise to put New Zealand organisations on a very different map. We help Kiwi companies meet overseas tax and legal regulations, set up operations, structure investments in India, and much more. If you’re looking to expand into India, we’ll take on the challenge.

There are many resemblances between New Zealand and Singapore. Beyond having a small but growing population of around six million, The World Economic Forum has named Singapore the world’s most technology-ready city, while it also has the title of being the city with the best investment potential – two well-known characteristics of the New Zealand economy. It’s hard to argue that there aren’t great opportunities when Singaporeans and New Zealanders work together.

PwC works in two ways to build better relationships with our neighbours to the north-west. Our inbound services team uses tax, assurance, legal, deals and consulting skills to help Singaporeans make it on our shores. Whether that involves property acquisitions in New Zealand, unearthing investment opportunities or building business networks, we have the means to support your plans.

We also provide services to New Zealanders looking to do more in the Lion City via our outbound services team. With our global presence, we can open the door to our overseas networks and relationships. By working with PwC Singapore, we make sure all your bases are covered by managing different tax and legal regulations, negotiating mergers or acquisitions in any of Singapore’s four official languages, and structuring investments.


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