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Making your business Fit for Growth

Unlocking performance, optimising costs

Fit for Growth is PwC’s strategic approach to helping companies become structured for sustained growth. It highlights three very tangible ingredients of success for a company to outcompete and flourish, year on year, in a very sustainable way.

First, the model ensures businesses identify what capabilities make them stand out and provide a competitive edge. The second ingredient is an honest look at cost allocation, and reallocating towards the areas that support those unique capabilities. The third and final aspect is rewiring the organisation to support the mission of putting resources into the right, growth-ready areas of the business.

It sounds simple, but it’s not easy. It starts by honestly understanding how your business is performing today.


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Are you Fit for Growth?

To find out how ready you are for sustained growth, PwC has created the Fit for Growth Index – a simple, quantitative measure of how well your company connects its cost and growth agendas.

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Measuring a company’s capacity to grow: The Fit for Growth Index

In this video, PwC’s Strategy& leader Vinay Couto discusses how the Fit for Growth approach helps companies gain a competitive edge.

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3 ingredients to fuel sustainable growth

In this video, Strategy&’s Vinay Couto explains how assessing your company’s Fit for Growth Index can help better position your company for high performance and sustainable growth.


The Fit for Growth mini book

Take a look inside the Fit for Growth mini book, a summary of the Fit for Growth book published by Wiley.

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