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Solving your tax issues

Tax laws are complex and constantly changing. You need to stay ahead and make sure you're finding innovative solutions to tax problems. We love working with our clients to help them to understand and apply the law in an effective and valuable way. In today's complex environment, businesses require the combination of commercial, accounting and legal advice, and we're positioned to provide all three at the highest level.

Tax advice

Tax rules are rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex as governments look to adapt tax systems to meet local and global challenges. New Zealand is no exception.

We will support you to cut through this complexity and provide your business with tailored commercial tax advice to help you meet your compliance requirements and manage your tax risk in this ever-changing changing tax landscape.

Our team of agile corporate tax specialists combines deep technical knowledge with a commercial and practical focus to solve complex business problems, allowing your business to proactively and confidently meet your tax obligations.


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We will help you by commercially managing acquisition/merger tax risk so you can focus on, and realise, deal value.

To achieve this we will undertake pre-acquisition due diligence, liaise with W&I insurers and other advisers, input into funds flows/financial models and review the tax clauses in sale and purchase agreements.

We also help you realise the benefits that follow on from deal completion by providing advice on tax structuring alternatives, with a focus on the long-term sustainable tax rate, optimising net cash flows and cash repatriation.

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Tax disputes

If not taken seriously by taxpayers early, risk reviews and investigations by Inland Revenue can become drawn out and difficult to manage. Positions become entrenched, and investigations can expand beyond their original scope. We engage disputes resolution specialists early in the course of contentious risk reviews and disputes so that we can control the presentation of any information requested by Inland Revenue, work quickly to understand Inland Revenue's concerns, and then refine and resolve legal issues in a commercial and efficient manner.

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Research and development tax incentive

Research and development (R&D) is critical to keeping your business ahead. We have a team of R&D specialists to help you identify opportunities through the R&D tax credit, R&D tax loss cash out, and other government support programmes including Callaghan Innovation, NZTE and connecting you to technical expertise. Our PwC R&D team has previous experience within Callaghan Innovation and is able to bring unique insights to government R&D policy, funding mechanisms and eligibility. Our national group of specialist work solely on R&D client support and we have a pragmatic and commercially focused approach to finding solutions for your business.

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Tax policy

New Zealand's tax landscape is constantly changing - but there are opportunities to be more than just an observer. Businesses can influence the design of tax rules through the tax policy development process to ensure the New Zealand tax system is fit-for-purpose. We have a strong, collaborative and respectful relationship with tax policy makers, including representation on the previous two Government Tax Working Group reviews of the New Zealand tax system. Our relationships, technical expertise, and understanding of your business can help you shape the future direction of New Zealand's tax system.

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Indirect taxes

New Zealand has a broad-based GST system which touches every aspect of your business. Our team has extensive technical experience and in-depth knowledge over a range of sectors and industries, including the property, financial services, retail, retirement and health, telecommunications, energy, government, and tertiary education sectors. This specialist knowledge means that our team can provide practical advice to help manage any GST issues that need solving. As we advise on both GST and Customs matters, we have particular insight into cross-border indirect tax risks and opportunities. Read our report on indirect taxes rules across the AsiaPac region. Our team can also help manage indirect taxes disputes and implement technology solutions to improve indirect tax processes.  

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