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Managing your people

Your people are your most valuable resource. At the same time, dealing with wages and incentives - and the employment taxes and other statutory on-costs paid to the authorities - as well as administration of the process is complicated and fraught with risks. Organisations are increasingly complex with businesses in multiple territories, complex interactions among stakeholders, workers crossing borders every day and the myriad different country and regional legislation and taxation regimes to deal with. As a global firm, we are uniquely placed to help reward, recognise, and mobilise your people to achieve your business' goals.

Global tax mobility

Global companies need strategic advice as well as practical assistance with managing the costs of their expatriate programmes and regulatory tax filings for their employees based overseas. Our global tax mobility team has the specialist skills and resources to assist international operations with their expatriate programmes. They also have access to a global network of experts specialising in this area.

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Immigration services

We offer a fully integrated immigration service for employers and their workers who require a New Zealand visa. We assist employers with strategy, compliance and tailored training sessions to support your business needs. We also provide immigration advice and support to small businesses, startups and non-New Zealanders looking to migrate to New Zealand under the investor or skilled migrant categories.

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Executive remuneration

By creating the right reward plan for your employees you can deliver sustainable value to your shareholders and incentivise outstanding executive performance. We’re a team of specialist executive reward advisers, who work alongside businesses to do just that. We work closely with a wide range of businesses including private and listed company boards, owners and management and have the expertise to provide tax sign-off on reward arrangements.

We’re a local business, so understand local businesses. But, we’re also part of an extensive national and global network. You’ll be able to tap into and stay connected with PwC’s worldwide network of executive reward advisors.

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Employment taxes

Keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation and meeting your employment tax obligations can be a challenge. Our employment taxes specialists can deliver optimal outcomes for your organisation. We can help with compliance reviews, preparation of returns, due diligence reviews, tax effective strategies, review of policies and systems, and pre-audit checks. Don't rely on your payroll provider to help you manage employment tax for your staff.

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