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The answers to your important questions

Still want to know more? You’re not alone. Check out some of the most common questions from previous applicants below. Keep an eye on this page as we’ll update it regularly as we receive queries online or on campus.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered on this page you can contact us here.


Why choose PwC

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We bring people from diverse backgrounds together to add their own individual brilliance to our teams and clients. Our modern offices are designed to enable a vibrant, open, agile, innovative, collaborative and tech-enabled workplace for staff across the country.

Our ideas boost the performance of all sorts of organisations, and we tackle a wide range of business issues and commercial challenges. So it’s not surprising that we offer a huge variety of career paths for students across all areas of study. What does that mean for you? With us you could grow to become a cyber security specialist, lawyer or tax specialist, a real estate adviser, digital consultant, an auditor or strategist and so much more.


  • We’re a network of firms in 158 countries

  • With over 250,000 people in 721 locations

And here in New Zealand

  • We have the leading reputation for consistent high quality

  • We work with majority of businesses on the NZX50

  • We consult for some of the country's most famous sports stars and our clients include; BNZ, Air New Zealand, Lewis Road Creamery, NZME and 

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What opportunities are open to me?

Summer Internship position

An internship provides a unique taste of what it’s like to work at PwC. As an intern, you join us over the summer before your final year at university, for 10 – 13 weeks and build skills and confidence working with experts in the field you’re interested in. We have a range of opportunities available across a number of our locations.

You get the opportunity to closely interact with our staff, who provide real-time on the job coaching while working together on a variety of projects that will put into practice what you have learnt at university. We provide a variety of assignments and get you involved with helping solve real client issues, within teams of highly skilled professionals. Providing you with a realistic insight into the profession, as well as our culture and practice.

Graduate position

This is a permanent job with PwC New Zealand that comes with world-class training. From the moment you join, you’ll become part of the team and work directly with clients on projects. At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We bring people from diverse backgrounds together to add their own individual brilliance to our teams and clients. You’ll also develop well rounded business skills through training and, where appropriate, a recognised professional qualification.

A number of our Graduates join in February annually, however we have Graduates start with us throughout the year. We understand everyone has a different timeline. For those starting in February our first few days will be an exciting chance to come together with the whole group of new Graduates. This is a great opportunity to meet people across the business and create lasting networks within the firm that could span your entire career, wherever it may take 

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Do I need to do a Summer Internship before applying for a Graduate position?

A Summer Internship is not a prerequisite and we hire a large number of Graduates who haven’t completed one with us. Our Summer Interns gain great hands-on experience, and also have some fantastic social events throughout the internship!

"My summer internship was a great opportunity to be immersed in the professional services lifestyle - I learnt valuable skills from leaders I met through work, worked on projects that are really making a difference, and had an absolute blast at the social events!" - Te Rimene Workman

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What does PwC look for?

We want individuals who are creative thinkers, problem solvers, focussed, motivated, not afraid to reimagine the possible and are driven to become tomorrow’s leaders. It’s not all about marks – show us your achievements both in and out of university. We’re interested in your involvement in extra-curricular activities, involvement in clubs, volunteering or community work.

Due to the diverse range of business areas there isn't one degree that is valued higher than another and our people have qualifications across a broad range of disciplines

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Can I apply if I am an international student?

You must be eligible to work in New Zealand to apply for our Summer Internship or Graduate opportunities.

For more information please visit

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I am studying outside of NZ/Australia and would like to complete an internship with PwC during my long Summer Break

The PwC Internship is open to all students who have the right to work in New Zealand. However, due to the timing of our Summer Internship which commences November - February, it best suits students studying in New Zealand and Australia.

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Which team should I apply to?

It's completely up to you!

Please take time to read through the various business areas on the student careers site and meet us on campus to understand what teams hire Summer Interns and Graduates at PwC New Zealand. This will help you understand better where you would like to work in the firm

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Can I apply to more than one Graduate or Intern position?

Please note that applying to more than one position will not increase your chances of being selected. Take your time to review all the vacant positions before choosing and applying to one that aligns with your skill set and interest.

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What is the assessment process?

Once you have applied you will be asked to complete numerical, inductive and deductive testing. This will usually be sent out within 24 hours of applying. We ask that you complete the testing within 48 hours of being sent the request, and following this your application will be reviewed.

If you are invited to the interview stage this will be done via Google Hangout. Our interview process is outlined here.

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How long does the selection process take?

Due to the volume of application we receive, we cannot provide a specific timeline for this. Rest assured, we always aim to process your application as soon as we can.

We would encourage you to reach out to our Careers team if you have another offer or progressing to the final stage of the process elsewhere so we can manage your application accordingly.

The most important thing to do is stay calm and not feel pressured into making a decision, you have time.

Please be sure to include your application number, name and best contact details when you get in touch and we can discuss your situation

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When do applications close?

Our core recruitment round takes place from March to April (for our Summer Internship positions and Graduate positions). We aim to fill the majority of our roles during this period.

Applications close in early April, however we encourage you to apply early. 

We usually advertise specialist roles or additional positions throughout the year so please keep an eye on our website.

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How can I prepare for an interview?

It’s important to showcase your authentic self. We want to meet the real you. Understand what drives you, what you know about and your ‘Why’.

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Will I need to do online testing as part of my application for a Grad or Intern position?

Yes, testing is part of our application process. You will be sent testing via Workday once you have submitted your online application. It may take up to 24 hours to come through.

Please note that you will need to complete testing to progress in our application process.

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Do you run student events?

Yes, we run plenty of events on campuses around the country. 

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