How will automation impact jobs in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s future is looking bright, but three waves of automation will substantially change the way our economy operates and the skills we need.

New Zealand is well positioned to manage the three coming waves of automation between now and the mid-2030s, according to our latest global report “Will robots really steal our jobs?”

The study found New Zealand has just the sixth-lowest share of jobs that are at high risk of automation thanks to our high concentration of roles in difficult-to-automate industries, rising to only 24% by the mid 2030s. On average across the 29 countries covered, the share of jobs at potential high risk of automation is around 3% by the early 2020s, but this rises to almost 20% by the late 2020s, and 30% by the mid-2030s

While the report paints a positive picture for New Zealand’s economy relative to the rest of the world, it also outlines how governments here and around the world will have to respond, as well as the role businesses will have to play.

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