Financial reporting implications of climate related matters

Climate change is a pervasive and systemic issue, and one that can impact all entities in some way. 

As the impending challenge of achieving a low carbon economy comes more sharply into focus, we have seen a number of drivers start to bring about change. From government policies and commitments to ‘net zero’, to increased reporting requirements and the growing concerns of society – the rapid rate of change shows no signs of slowing.

A company’s approach and corresponding disclosures on climate change are critical to an investor’s understanding of not only how the company is managing climate risks and opportunities, but also how climate change may impact its business model and financial performance and prospects.

Insights and publications

Companies must consider climate-related matters in applying IFRS or PBE Standards where the effect of those matters is material to the financial statements. Our In depth publication provides detailed guidance on the potential financial reporting impacts of the effects of climate change. This publication is relevant for both for-profit entities and PBEs.

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This page is designed to help you navigate the financial reporting challenges arising from climate change.

For broader information on how to prepare your organisation and respond, please visit our central Sustainability and Climate change page.

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