Sustainability, Climate and Nature

We help businesses to look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our natural environment.

Sustainable business solutions for a complex world 

Sustainability and climate change are rapidly becoming critical considerations for all businesses around the world. Customers, employees, regulators and investors are demanding greater transparency and action to mitigate and address the impact of climate change. This means corporate behaviours which support a wide range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are not only required to preserve our planet but to protect the brand, reputation and long term viability of businesses.

These transitions are already presenting many new challenges and opportunities across the economy and require businesses to move proactively, at an increasing pace. PwC has the resources and expertise to assist you and your organisation to stay ahead of the game. We support organisations to mitigate risk and preserve your licence to operate as we all work together to create a sustainable, environmentally responsible, low carbon future.

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Annabell Chartres

Annabell Chartres

Partner, Sustainability, Climate & Nature Leader, PwC New Zealand

Tel: +64 21 799 927

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson

Partner, Sustainability, Climate & Nature, PwC New Zealand

Tel: +64 21 711 641

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