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Ignite Apprenticeship programme

Create your career, differently

The world of business is rapidly evolving, and so are we. There are exciting opportunities for you to join us as an apprentice through our new Ignite Apprenticeship programme.

As an apprentice, you'll build a broad range of skills in business, digital technology, transformation and innovation.  While at the same time you'll be working toward a technology certification through one of our Industry and Alliance partners.

Over the 12 month programme you'll be guided and supported by technology industry experts. You'll also be learning on the job and building relationships that will set you apart as you ignite your career with PwC.

Ignite Apprenticeship programme

    What makes a great apprentice?

  •       You’re keen to kickstart your career and earn a salary as early as possible
  •       You prefer on-the-job learning (rather than full-time study)
  •       You're hungry for coaching and feedback
  •       You like to challenge yourself!

       What are the benefits?

  •       Employment with a leading professional services firm - that's us!
  •       A professional qualification in Information Technology
  •       Industry-relevant work experience
  •       A buddy or coach to help you along the way
Ignite Apprenticeship programme

Our programme

Induction (week 1-2)

  • Connect you with your team and business contacts
  • Set your professional goals
  • Learn about your certification
  • Learn about the Market and build your consulting skill-set
  • Begin your Alliance pathway
  • Learn about managing risk and human-centred design                                                  

Integration (month 1-3)

  • Use consulting essentials in your work and apply our risk management and business processes
  • Regularly connect with and get guidance through your support network
  • Attend an Alliance partner Immersion session
  • Meet your buddy (a Technical Expert)
  • Work towards your first certification
  • Reflect on first three months at our programme event
  • Start the Technical Leadership programme

Immersion (month 3-6)

  • Deepen your knowledge of Office suite
  • Learn to facilitate and interview
  • Shadow a senior consultant as they attend client meetings and create deliverables
  • Plan your next certification
  • Celebrate the half way mark with your second programme event
  • Build your career plan                                           

Independence (month 6-9)

  • Be a buddy/coach and mentor others
  • Build strength in others by understanding development techniques
  • Understand the numbers through accounting for non-accountants
  • Understand how to apply technology to problems.
  • Be part of a team delivering work and own outputs
  • Attend your third programme event

Integration (month 9-12)

  • Complete you rotations
  • Fully integrated into your selected competency
  • Ability to move forward with higher-level certification
  • Refine your career plan and present it to a panel for feedback
  • Attend your fourth programme event   

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PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

PwC Ignite Apprentice, PwC New Zealand

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PwC Ignite Apprentice team, PwC New Zealand

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