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Our new leaders are focused on making a real difference every day. Working together with clients, they bring a diverse range of skills and experience, to help solve important problems.

Our people are helping New Zealand prepare for what's next.

“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people. My work is focused on creating digital solutions that change how we work and live. I believe everything should be based on human-centered design, because in the end it is all about people.”

Robert Fisher Digital Transformation

“At PwC Legal, we’ve created a truly differentiated legal offering for our clients by providing legal services as part of an integrated business advisory offering. I provide commercially focused legal advice to help solve my clients' most important problems in a more holistic way.”

Matt Keenan Corporate and Commercial Law, PwC Legal

"Transformation enabled by technology is life changing across the world. I believe by harnessing technology and innovation we can make the world safer and more sustainable for future generations. This allows us to reduce the gap between developed and developing nations ultimately benefiting all its citizens and enabling inclusion and diversity."

Tracy Taylor Consulting - Technology and Innovation

“I'm hugely passionate about New Zealand's infrastructure and the deals and projects that are shaping our country. What really captures my attention is understanding what drives a deal and identifying those outcomes that represent success to each party. I’m a firm believer that only through understanding these outcomes that clients will know whether they truly have got a good deal.”

Dan Marshall Deals - Government and Infrastructure

"I focus on understanding clients' complex challenges and driving solutions aligned to their business strategy. Building relationships with people, streamlining processes, leveraging the best technologies, and enabling change within the culture positively impacts both employees and customers. These principles are at the core of driving sustainable and meaningful change."

Kate Visconti Technology Consulting

“There is no one size fits all when it comes to legal solutions. As a specialist transaction lawyer, I work with clients to understand their strategy, objectives and pressure-points, which is instrumental in providing commercially sound legal advice and supporting clients to achieve their goals.”

Tom Logan Corporate and Transactional Law, PwC Legal

“New Zealand is facing an unprecedented need to invest in infrastructure. I partner with clients to unlock infrastructure problems, optimise the investment and enhance the right solutions to ensure success. I am focused on bringing strategic and innovative thinking to complex and challenging infrastructure problems, ultimately working to create a sustainable and more liveable country both now and for generations to come.”

Natalie McClew Infrastructure Advisory

“We work in a relationships based environment and I love both meeting new people and building trusted relationships with my clients. As a financial advisory specialist, I relish the opportunity to use my strong working relationships to add value to a transaction, solve complex problems and help my clients achieve exceptional commercial outcomes.”

Patrick McElhinney Deals and Corporate Tax

“My clients are at the heart of what I do and I enjoy helping them to understand and resolve their accounting issues, navigating the complexity to achieve the best technical and commercial outcomes. With extensive practical experience, I am able to readily access and deliver international knowledge and expertise to help solve my clients' important issues.”

Stephen Hogg Accounting Advisory

“Tax has an impact on all parts of society but it can sometimes be complex to understand. Working collaboratively with businesses to help them navigate the continuously changing tax landscape in a pragmatic and commercial way is what drives me most.”

Sandy Lau Corporate Tax

“The world of financial instrument valuations is becoming increasingly complex each year. Generating accurate results requires deep technical knowledge, significant market data, and sophisticated tools and models. I leverage my global network/experience and invest in new technology, data sources, and ongoing learning so that I’m better positioned to solve these important valuation related issues for clients'.”

Andrew Bowen Financial Instrument Valuations

“Each transaction is unique. I enjoy the challenge of a transaction and having the opportunity to add value to my clients, both habitual deal makers and those going through their first transaction.”

David Urlich Deals

“China plays an important part in the New Zealand economy. My diverse background and understanding of deals, especially in China and New Zealand, is something I’m proud of. I am committed to helping my clients to grow their businesses through M&A and other investment activities.”

Wicki Huang Deals - Transaction Services and Bilateral Investments

“Trust in society is increasingly in the spotlight, this is driving the need for faster innovation to bring greater levels of assurance through innovative new technology tools. Combining this with an understanding of my clients' business and their challenges, I’m driving the use of these new tools to provide even greater levels of quality and insight to help my clients succeed.”

Jolly Morgan Assurance - Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer and Energy

“Understanding the connection between risk and strategy is paramount for business success. I love learning about my clients' businesses and working with their Executive teams and Boards to help them think differently, understand their strategic risks and define risk appetite.”

Chloe Gallagher Governance, Risk and Compliance

“I have a huge admiration for Kiwis with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to convert their ideas and hard work into business success. My aim as a business and tax adviser is to complement my clients' own talents by helping them maximise opportunities and navigate the various challenges they encounter on their road to success.”

Louis McLennan Private Business and Wealth

“Being based in Wellington, the heart of the New Zealand public sector, getting involved in solving important problems for New Zealanders comes with the territory. With a background spanning over 19 years in the public sector in NZ and the UK, this suits me just fine. Being people and action-focused is key, and I’ve applied this to help clients solve a range of important problems from interventions to reduce anti-social behaviour through to looking at ways of uplifting performance across government.”

Claire Barclay Consulting
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