PwC New Zealand's 2018 CEO Survey

Part two report now available: Talent findings from New Zealand CEOs

In part one of our CEO Survey, availability of key skills was the second-most pressing risk for New Zealand business leaders, behind cyber security. These skill gaps sit in areas that are central to how local businesses stay competitive. We are well past the point where strong data skills are a nice-to-have, they’re now at the core of what’s going to keep our businesses ahead.

So what can we do? Our survey identified the need for companies to both re-think the human resources structures for best managing their people and to develop a corporate purpose in order for organisations to be more attractive employers. We must also look at how we partner with universities, and we have to invest more in employee upskilling.

At the forefront of CEOs minds is employee experience, and this represents a positive shift in leadership mindset. We rightly see that employee engagement is one of the critical steps to reaping the rewards of improved customer satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to evolving technologies, CEOs are continuously aiming to complement roles affected by automation through re-skilling and new job creation.

I hope you enjoy this second part of our CEO Survey coverage, and find value in our deeper analysis of talent in the workforce.

Mark Averill

CEO and Senior Partner 

Mark Averill PwC New Zealand

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