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Our Business recovery team has specialist skills and experiences in a wide range of industries that can affect business turnaround.

We work with companies that have failed or are in serious financial difficulty. As financial advisors, we can help to pinpoint issues and problems that indicate financial difficulties or concerns.

Our skill-base is in diagnosing issues, deploying commercial solutions to lift performance, and advising underperforming or distressed organisations.

We also provide advisory services and can assist with strategic restructuring, identifying opportunities and options, and re-financing or handling formal insolvencies.


Business appraisals

At some stage the business you own, have invested in or lent to, may be going through a difficult time. When you are immersed in the day-to-day running of your operation it can sometimes be difficult to identify problems.

A business appraisal is an independent review of a company by people who are experienced at identifying problem areas, and bringing solutions to the table.

Areas which we frequently consider in our appraisals are:

  • reviewing the strategic direction of the operation

  • commenting on the operational effectiveness

  • reviewing budgets and overheads

  • analysing the operation’s cashflows

  • identifying surplus assets

  • reviewing governance structures and management

  • making recommendations to the appointee.


Business turnaround

Our business turnaround team assists companies of all sizes in addressing poor performance. This involves reviewing strategic, operational, and financial issues which helps to improve a business' performance.

Our services are specific to a client’s needs such as strategic assessment, process improvement, asset redeployment, cost realignment, performance benchmarking, interim management, tax structuring, and corporate finance advice.

Corporate reorganisation

Our Corporate Reorganisation team assists companies:

  • to streamline corporate structures, dispose of unwanted entities and distribute funds to shareholders. We deliver a complete and integrated approach by analysing current company structures, financial position, tax and legal issues and then advise and implement an action plan that most effectively meets clients’ needs. Our specialist team has been involved in reorganising company structures for over ten years with experience in amalgamations, “short form” removals, liquidations and share buy-backs.
  • to exit out of under performing businesses. The decision to divest can mean a huge internal commitment at a time when you need to focus on the continuing business of your organisation. We offer value-added commercial solutions appropriate to your needs that minimise risk and maximise return. Our team will provide an assessment of divestment and reorganisation alternatives, formulate a suitable project plan, manage the formal shut down of operations and resolve any post closure issues.

Pre-lending review

Occasionally, a bank or a finance company may ask you to commission a pre-lending review when they have been requested to provide or increase finance facilities to your business. A pre-lending review may range from a comprehensive "health" check to being more specific – examining a particular contract for which you require project finance, reviewing your budgeting/forecasting procedures and/or considering the risks associated with expanding your business.

Armed with a pre-lending review report, most businesses will find negotiations to provide or increase funding facilities take less time and may even be less costly.

Statutory management

From time to time the Government will appoint PwC as statutory managers in circumstances where a corporation is experiencing severe financial difficulties and no other sustainable remedy is available, no other conventional market or legal remedies can adequately protect the public, or where shareholders or creditor interests are believed to be at risk.


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