Our corporate responsibility

We build trust and solve important problems

At PwC, we've identified that our overall purpose as an organisation is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

This approach informs every aspect of our work and underpins the relationships we build with our clients. Just one of the ways we demonstrate this is through our Corporate Responsibility efforts. All of our projects are designed to use the skills and experience of our people to make the greatest difference possible. 

PwC FLiP: Financial Literacy Program

Making a difference with financial literacy education

At PwC, we believe we've got a responsibility to give back to the community. One of the ways we do this is by utilising our skills and resources where they'll have the greatest lasting benefit for our communities. We have over 1,000 well-educated and highly motivated staff, and one attribute widely shared by these individuals is financial literacy. Playing to that strength, we've developed a financial literacy program - FLiP which we will deliver in low decile schools across NZ.

What is FLiP?

FLiP covers the basics of financial literacy over four modules, and is targeted at students in years 5 and 6. Our staff travel to the school and deliver the modules alongside the class teacher.

The program consists of four hour long modules totalling four hours classroom time.

A PwC coach will be allocated to each classroom, they'll come with a fully scripted lesson. The four modules cover:

  1. Credit & debt - Students learn the difference between buying with cash and buying with credit.
  2. Financial responsibility - Students learn about identity theft and various methods used to steal identities.
  3. Savings & investment - Students describe the advantages and disadvantages of saving for a short-term goal.
  4. Risk management & insurance - Students identify examples of risks that individuals and households face (such as illness and theft).

We have now successfully delivered FLiP in over 235 classrooms across the country teaching over 7,000 kiwi kids! We are continuing to partner with decile one to four schools in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch.

If you're interested in learning more about the FLiP for your local school, please contact Naomi McRae on 09 355 8351 or by email.

FLiP - Our Financial Literacy

Children from one of our FLiP schools discuss financial literacy in their own words.


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By starting financial literacy education at a young age, students are given the greatest opportunity to grow their knowledge as they progress through their schooling. Reinforced and applied ongoing, the skills they learn now, should stay with them for life.

PwC Foundation

Using our skills to give back to our community

Started in 2004, the PwC Foundation is our community involvement program. It provides the opportunity for us to make a significant and lasting contribution to the communities we work in by leveraging the enormous talent, enthusiasm and generosity of our people across New Zealand.  

Our mission statement is 'focus gives impact' and our whakatauki (Māori proverb) is 'Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi', which translates as 'with your basket and my basket the people will thrive'.

Our core focus of the PwC Foundation is child welfare and education. We also support youth at risk, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and New Zealand's world-leading medical researchers. 

Using our skills and resources we help solve society's important problems. Just one example of this is by helping to break the poverty cycle.

Child welfare and education

Financial Literacy Program

Our Financial Literacy Program (FLiP) is a PwC initiative which gives our people with an opportunity to volunteer their skills in school classrooms, where the need is greatest, to deliver financial literacy education to students. FLiP is a self-contained classroom resource entailing four hour-long classroom lessons. Our staff are entitled to two paid days leave a year to volunteer as a FLiP tutor.  

For further information please contact Naomi McRae on 09 355 8351 or email her. 

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Started in 2004, the PwC Scholarship program targets students in Year 13 and offers a range of support to talented students intending to study Commerce, Information Systems or Law with a conjoint at a New Zealand tertiary institution. This support includes:

  • financial assistance towards tuition fees over the course of their qualifying degree

  • a dedicated mentor through the course of their studies

  • an opportunity to participate in our Summer Intern program.

A number of our scholarships are reserved for those students who would otherwise suffer financial hardship to attend University.

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Pro bono services

PwC has a long history of delivering professional services to not-for-profit organisations and charities. Pro bono work enables our people to use their skills to assist and engage with community organisations in need. Delivering our expertise to community organisations is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things we can do. 

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Skilled volunteering

At PwC, we believe we have a responsibility to give back where possible. One of the ways we do this is by utilising our skills and resources where they'll have the greatest lasting benefit for our communities and the environment. Our staff are able to utilise two days of paid volunteer leave to support organisations in the child welfare and education cause areas.

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Other programs

Topped up fundraising

The PwC Foundation supports the charity work of our people by doubling the money they raise. Whether they are completing a sponsored run or walk, growing a moustache or holding a bake sale, the PwC Foundation can double their cash contribution to the charity.

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During the year the PwC Foundation facilitates coordinated nationwide collections where our people donate goods or funds to an appeal. We regularly support the Auckland and City Missions winter food and Christmas gift appeals and food banks in other regions. We also run a Dress for Success collection across our offices each year. 

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Paid volunteer days

Paid volunteering is available to all permanent full or part time employees of PwC.  Our staff can take two paid volunteer days per year to support the organisations most dear to them. Staff are free to choose how they would like to utilise one day of paid volunteer leave, with the second to be utilised for skilled volunteering.

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Volunteer awards

We value the sustained commitment, time and energy that many PwC people give to the community in their own time. To recognise and reward this effort, the PwC Foundation has established the Volunteer Awards scheme. Applications are made on an annual basis. Successful applicants receive a donation from the PwC Foundation of $1,000 to the charitable organisation for which they volunteer. Our outstanding Volunteer of the Year award winner also receives a donation of $2,500 from the PwC Foundation to the winner's charity of choice. 

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Regional focus

We design programs bespoke to each PwC office and aligned with our core causes. Each office chooses local charities that aligns best with their community and builds a local program around these.

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Joint Lead Trustees

Peter Boyce

Partner, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 823 342


Jan Gatley

Partner, Waikato, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 190 7011


Foundation trustees

Nathan Jones

Partner, Canterbury, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 750 423


Scott Mitchell

Partner | Fit for Growth Leader, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 511 6596


Tiniya du Plessis

Partner, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

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Cecilia Burgess

Managing Director Operations, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

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Lara Bennett

Director, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

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Gareth Parry

Partner, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

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Emma Richards

Wellington, PwC Legal

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Diversity and inclusion

Valuing and respecting our differences

We know that having the right people on our team isn't just about delivering a great service to clients, it's also a core part of our community responsibility efforts.

What does diversity and inclusion mean at PwC?

At PwC, we are focused on diversity of thought. This means attracting and encouraging people with a unique voice, so they can challenge the status quo and help clients to make better business decisions. This diversity sits at the centre of our approach to problem solving and innovative thinking.

Across our global network, we recognise that workplaces need to be inclusive of everyone regardless of gender, cultural identity, age, ability, sexual orientation and work style or approach if they want to achieve this diversity of thought.

That is why we are focusing our diversity efforts on gender and ethnicity. We've made a number of key local partnerships, with organisations like Global WomenHe for She and Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM), as well as introducing flexible working arrangements for our staff.

We are also proud to be Rainbow Tick certified in recognition of our commitment to creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive work place for employees with diverse gender identity and sexual orientation.

Not only do these efforts reflect the incredibly diverse makeup of New Zealand, but they align with our vision of what a professional services firm has to be if it is going to make a positive change to society.

Statement of intent and commitment

As a firm, our sustained success is based on the ability of our people to be at their best. We want our people to be themselves, be bold, share their unique differences and form deep relationships that are rooted in trust. We get the best from our people when they find meaning and purpose in their work and see how their own values and aspirations can be brought to life through what they do at PwC.

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Mark Russell

Managing Partner | Transformation and Inclusion, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 568 444


Environmental Sustainability

PwC’s purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. There is no more important or far reaching problem than climate change. We're focused on helping to solve one of the major issues reshaping the world; climate change and resource scarcity.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we’ve set some clear targets to reduce our environmental impact.

We're committed to:
  • Offset residual energy by FY22

  • Offsetting our air travel emissions for FY19

  • Sourcing 100% renewables for our building energy consumption for FY19

  • Measuring our total GHG emissions and setting clear GHG emissions reduction targets over the next 18 months in line with our commitments as a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition

While driving efficiency to reduce our absolute carbon impact, we commit to offsetting air travel emissions and to sourcing 100% renewables for our electricity consumption from FY19 and offsetting residual energy use by FY22.

We are also committed to driving efficiencies and engaging our staff on this journey. That’s why we’ve implemented a series of successful campaigns such as; commercial composting, worm farms, paper-free expenses, and IT on-cycling.

We are also invested in making a meaningful contribution to collaboration between organisations at the national level through our membership to  The Aotearoa Circle.

Together these actions will reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring we continue to play our role in addressing climate change through our operations, facilities, procurement, IT,  local corporate responsibility staff committee and through our broader sustainability initiatives.

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