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Data assurance

Data Assurance helps you to manage, analyse, optimise and transform your organisation’s information, while addressing the inconsistencies that hold many back.

Transform your data into knowledge

With data volumes doubling every year or so, more and more organisations are realising the role information plays in high-stake, competitive environments. Lost or manipulated data can ruin your reputation; but when properly understood, reliable and compliant data offers the key to industry-leading knowledge and the chance to increase business performance year on year.

Data assurance services help you to manage, analyse, optimise and transform your data into fact-based knowledge, while identifying and addressing the inconsistencies that hold organisations back.

One of the simplest ways of improving your chances of success is tackling the root causes of business process issues – for example, bottlenecks, revenue leakage, non-standard processes, workarounds, user error, control breakdowns and non-compliant activities. To achieve this, your processes and the systems that underpin them need to be explored and illuminated and data analytics is a key enabler of this.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Data Assurance team brings experience, vision, tools and skills to organistions looking to establish or improve their data function.

We combine significant experience in processes, controls and data analytics to review and test data structures, helping you understand risks and respond effectively. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • assessing your current data and analytics maturity and up-skill your people to develop an enduring, leading edge capability (e.g. data visualisation/open-data opportunities)
  • developing a positive controls culture
  • developing analytical point solutions to illuminate or address specific issues that meet the needs of the business, regulators and other third parties
  • running analytics as a service for you, helping to manage your data analytics capability and taking the infrastructure and resource costs away from your organisation
  • providing assurance that the underlying data and facts used to develop your KPIs and reports are accurate and of good quality, building trust both internally and with third parties.
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Risk Assurance Leader, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

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