Risk assurance

PwC’s Risk Assurance practitioners are not only tasked with identifying and controlling your organisation’s risks, but finding hidden value, too


Turning risk into opportunities

Today's commercial environment is different, more complex, more connected. Organisations across New Zealand not only face new and unknown risks but new and untapped opportunities.

Contemporary risk assurance is no longer about protecting value but enhancing it with better ways of working. It’s about perceiving risk and then capitalising on it.

However, the processes many organisations have in place to manage risk are often not robust nor forward-looking enough to protect or enhance value. So, the question is: are you finding opportunity in risk?

How PwC can help

PwC’s Risk Assurance practitioners provide a range of services tailored to your circumstances. It starts by determining the extent and type of assurance help you might need, depending on your risks and current controls.

However, just how every organisation is different, their risk exposure differs too. PwC uses the knowledge and experience of our experts, combined with our market-leading global tools and resources, to approach our client’s particular risks in a precise manner, while always aiming to add value at the same time.


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Great expectations: The next generation of family business leaders

Great expectations: The next generation of family business leaders

How are the next generation of family business owners approaching their roles? What are they doing to balance the needs of different stakeholders with their own aspirations and vision for the business? How will they navigate a changing business landscape and pass the company on to the generation after them? The 2016 Next Generation study addresses these questions, taking a deeper look into the state of family businesses in New Zealand and around the world.

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