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Internal audit

How do you know your business is operating at its very peak for risk management, governance and performance? That’s what Internal Audit is for.

A contemporary approach for those who expect more

Internal Audit is the cornerstone of good governance and performance. With it, organisations can push on with the confidence of knowing their risks have been identified and can be managed. By providing an independent and professional viewpoint, Internal Audit allows for better decision making and improved organisational performance. 

Increasingly, stakeholders are expecting Internal Audit to help explain and manage risks around today’s huge investments in cybersecurity, enterprise-wide IT transformation and other technology initiatives. At the same time, auditing is no longer just about having the best people but equipping them with intelligent tools and smartest approaches to help with their assessments.

That has allowed for the emergence of the contemporary internal audit, which is no longer just about value protection but enhancing that value, too. 

How PwC can help

At PwC, we have the people, processes and resources to provide internal audit services that delve deeper and can deliver more than what has been possible in the past. We provide independent sourcing or co-sourcing of internal audit functions, conduct specialist audits for particular scenarios and work with organisations to transform their internal audit practices for today’s environment.

More and more, we integrate elements of data analysis into our internal audits, allowing us to give you a detailed view of risks that have actually materialised into problems that need to be managed. It’s this internal audit approach that allows your organisation to:

  • drive growth and manage both known and emerging enterprise risks
  • maintain or reduce compliance costs
  • enable internal audit functions to provide strategic value across the organisation
  • learn to thrive on change
  • meet stakeholder expectations
  • help the business become more efficient, more profitable and more agile.
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