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IT risk

PwC’s Risk Assurance team work each day to keep on top of IT risks, helping Kiwi organisations to build confidence and trust in their technology, data and security.

Managing risk in the digital age

All organisations use IT in some way; they’re a fundamental part of how you work, and you – and your customers, third parties regulators and shareholders – need to trust it.

Trust is an invaluable thing to have. With it:

  • your customers will work with you online and have confidence you’ll keep their data safe
  • your suppliers will be confident your systems won’t fail on them
  • your organisation has the means to move forward, change and embrace new digital opportunities.
  • Confidence follows trust, and that comes from knowing there’s resilience built into your systems, security around your digital assets, and the skills and capabilities in the organisation to transform with the world.

How PwC can help

We can help you build digital trust. By keeping track of current and developing risks, we design IT governance and risk-management resources for New Zealand organisations to use.

We also take guidance from global trends and IT risk management. The PwC Risk Assurance framework is a comprehensive and proven approach to getting started with better governance or embracing your next technology opportunity.

Our services cover everything from strategy to operations and compliance assistance, meaning we can be there how and when you need us. More specifically, we can help you with:

  • IT risk strategy
  • IT risk assessment and audit
  • design implementation management
  • monitoring
  • training staff and management
  • third-party assurance
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