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Quantitative Risk Analytics

Our Risk Assurance team is made up of experts in quantitative risk analysis – a sophisticated way to look at variability and make better decisions.

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Understanding the impact of uncertainties

We live in a world of uncertainty, but so much of our business decision making is based on spreadsheet analysis that can convey a false sense of precision and little or no information about potential variability.

What if we could take the uncertainty into account in our decision making? Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) can do just that, and so much more.

QRA can assist you in business decision making by quantifying major risks affecting key outcomes, with the objective of better understanding the variability of those outcomes.

But more than just informing you of the range of outcomes, QRA can provide you with an understanding of the probability associated with particular outcomes. This can be shown graphically to give a better understanding of where the most probable outcomes, and also the possible outcomes, lie.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Data Assurance team brings experience, vision, tools and skills to organistions looking to establish or improve their data function.

We combine significant experience in processes, controls and data analytics to review and test data structures, helping you understand risks and respond effectively. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • assessing your current data and analytics maturity and up-skill your people to develop an enduring, leading edge capability (e.g. data visualisation/open-data opportunities)
  • developing a positive controls culture
  • developing analytical point solutions to illuminate or address specific issues that meet the needs of the business, regulators and other third parties
  • running analytics as a service for you, helping to manage your data analytics capability and taking the infrastructure and resource costs away from your organisation
  • providing assurance that the underlying data and facts used to develop your KPIs and reports are accurate and of good quality, building trust both internally and with third parties.
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